Venue opens at 16:00


Venue opens at 13:00

14:00 – 14:45 CANING
14:00 – 14:45 TRAMPLING 101


16:30 – 17:00 SNACK BREAK (included)

17:00 – 17:45 NEEDLE PLAY
17:00 – 17:45 SINGLE TAILING



FRIDAY 18:00

Looking back on the latest history of kink in Europe and O/our communities, I want to speak up to emphasize what binds U/us rather then what divides U/us.

What is O/our shared history as gay and genderdiverse perverts? What is O/our common ground despite O/our collective differences? Where has Y/your own kink/BDSM practice space and a place in this? What are Y/you looking for? In general and for this weekend in particular?

This workshop has two parts. In the first part I will talk. In the second part Y/you have the opportunity to share with short written down notes Y/your pleasure/ kink/ BDSM practice and Y/your individual styles. Visible to all who attend this evening.

To honour the past, be present in the here and now and to create a future together. At least for this weekend.

Alexander Hahne (he/him)

Alexander Hahne, gay trans man, sex educator (gsp), somatic counselor, sexological bodyworker (ISB), dancer and pleasure activist. Group and individual counselling on the topics of body awareness, intimacy and sexuality. Speaker for trans-specific topics in the field of sexual health.



This workshop will focus on:
– How to use different implements that can be described as “canes” or “batons”.
– How to inflict different kinds of pain, how to moderate or intensify it.
– The headspace of the top/sadist and bottom/masochist and an exploration of why we do this through conversation and questions.

Sir Jonas (he/him)

I am looking back on more than 20 years where BDSM has been central to my way of living.
I carry a legacy from an admirable man I called “Master” – something I am trying to make my own and pass on.



Love power exchange? Or boot and sneaker worship? Or even want to learn an unexpected method of breath control? There’s few things more physically dominant than literally standing on your partner, or the showing your submission by taking their weight and lying under your doms boots. This workshop will cover basic knowledge, safety, tips and tricks for doms, subs and switches so that you know how to withstand the full force of a dom and keep going without having to tap out of the session, or stand on your partner, kick them about safely and dominate them with confidence!

AJ from Berlin (he/him)

I’m AJ from Berlin, I’ve been told when we speak I’m nice, but when we play I’m nasty. I’m most experienced with shibari and impact play and practice many kinks but my first love was trampling. R.A.C.K. principles, inclusivity and consent are baked in to all of my BDSM life, and I’m on a lifetime journey of learning, skill sharing and levelling up with our community.



Rope bondage can seem complex and time consuming, but this workshop will help demystify and make it accessible to you and a partner no matter your skill level. I will, together with my model, take you through several different exercises, such as connection through rope, listening, and following.

The goal for this workshop is to use only a single rope (8-10 meters).
I hope to give you a new perspective on rope bondage, exploring its possibilities and playfulness and power. If time allows, I will demonstrate an example of a predicament at the end of the workshop.

Throughout this this workshop we will be working in pairs. Come with a partner or make a new friend! You should also wear clothing you can move in on the mats on the floor, as this workshop only will be floorwork. There will be ropes available but please bring your own if you can.

Rope (they/them)

I started my rope bondage journey as a bottom but quickly switched to rigging, today I do both modeling and rigging. What I seek in rope is partner play and teamwork within ropes, such as communication and trust between the following and leading part. My other interests include trampling and predicament play.



I will hold a workshop where the first part consists of a lecture about what different types of floggers there are, basic techniques with both a single flogger and florentine flogging, flogging in a pattern with a flogger in each hand, as well as simple exercises to learn florentine flogging.

The second part is 100% practical where the participants themselves get to try different floggers, learn the right techniques and try florentine flogging.

El_Carino (he/him)

El_Carino is my Darkside username and I live in Stockholm with my fiancé. I became interested in BDSM in my twenties and over the years the interest has grown into a lifestyle. I appreciate most things in BDSM, but impact play plays a big role in my practising. I have a particular passion for flogging, whipping and florentine flogging. What appeals to me is the wide range of different tools, materials and techniques.



Curious about how to incorporate needles in BDSM? About the joy, fear and extraordinary reactions that needle play can bring? What is important to know if You want to get started, no matter which side of the needle You’re at? What equipment do You need? Can You insert needles anywhere on the body?

We will go through the most important and basic things when it comes to needle play and safety. Knowledge is vital in most BDSM practices, and needle play is definitely one practice where You need to have a lot of insight in how/what You should do if You want to try it. This workshop will give You that! ^^

 You don’t need any experience or prior knowledge to join the workshop, but experienced needle players are also welcome of course!

This workshop will show needles and most likely blood.

Tottis (she/her) & Kim (he/him)

Tottis Crossler has over 20 years experience in BDSM and is a sadomasochistic switch with a deep love for creating reactions and playing hard no matter if it is with impact play, D/s, needle play or one of her many other BDSM interests. She’s been practicing needle play for about 15 years.

Kim has about 8 years of experience and is a submissive masochist and has been Tottis’ sub/minion for 7 years. He loves to make sure that the submissive’s/bottom’s side of sessions is visible and talked about so that everyone can feel safe and seen.

They are lifestylers who live and breathe BDSM and love to teach. They believe that knowledge is to be shared and cultivated in the community.
They’ve both been educating, selling BDSM tools/clothes/toys and arranging playparties for many years.



In this workshop you get a quick theoretical introduction to single tail whips and their use as well as a demonstration of how single tail whips can be used in practice.

KimZ (he/him) & Förgätmigej (she/her)

KimZ and Förgätmigej (Darkside handles) are experienced impact play practitioners and kink educators, with years of experience in training people how to use floggers and single tail whips in consensual erotic play. KimZ also makes exclusive floggers and singe tail whips.



How do you suggest more BDSM in your sexlife? And how do you communicate that you want more/less of something in a relationship? One of the hardest thing to do in a relationship are communication. That’s why this workshop will talk about how you communicate in a better way that can be used in all kind of relationships you have around you with focus on how to communicate your sexual desires.

Kim Eriksson (he/him)

I’m a Malmö based psychologist that have worked in primary care for the past 5 years. I have been in the BDSM- and fetish community for the past 15 years and been in different boards like Dekadance, BDSM Uppsala and SLM Malmö.